Caribbean College of Surgeons


The Code of Conduct contained in this document provides a guide for conduct acceptable to the Caribbean College of Surgeons for the Fellows and Associates of the College and surgeons in practice in the Caribbean. It is also a guide to the conduct that is expected of surgeons, for the public, patients, other professionals, and administrative, financial and other staff employed in institutions involved in medical and health care delivery in the Caribbean.

A Code of Conduct and Ethical Behaviour is based on the principles that govern conduct between professionals and others, and in particular those with whom they come into contact in the course of their work. In this code this not only means patients, it means colleagues, other workers in health institutions and businesses, government, third party payers, and at times the courts. Observance of the principles in this Code of Conduct is particularly important, when dealing with sick or disabled persons and their relatives, who in their time of need may be anxious and vulnerable to exploitation, abuse or neglect.

The principles of Ethical Conduct by the medical professional are usually summarised as being guided by Beneficence; Non-malfeasance; Autonomy; and Justice. It is therefore appropriate that this document be introduced with a Charter of Patients’ Rights adopted by the Caribbean College of Surgeons.

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