Caribbean College of Surgeons

Members of the Caribbean College of Surgeons are referred to as "Fellows." There are Active Fellows, Associate Fellows, Retired Fellows and Honorary Fellows

  • Active Fellows are those who have been admitted by Council of the College after an evaluation of their education and training, professional qualifications, surgical competence, and professional conduct.
  • Retired Fellows are members of the college, or surgeons who have qualified for membership but have retired from active practice; they carry all of the privileges of active members but are exempt from membership fees.
  • Associate Fellows are physicians who are undergoing training in a surgical programme recognised by the Council of the College. Physicians in other areas of practise and other health personnel may also be admitted to the associate fellowship of the College.
  • Honorary Fellows are elected by the College, as a mark of the College’s acknowledgment of a distinguished career in surgery in the Caribbean or elsewhere; and/or service to the Caribbean people, particularly but not exclusively in the field of medicine. Honorary Fellows have all of the Privileges of membership, but cannot hold an executive post on the Council.

Fellows of The Caribbean College of Surgeons [Active, Retired and Honorary] may display the letters FCCOS as an acknowledgement of their membership and status in the College.

Application for membership should be made to the membership committee and can be accessed on our membership page or via the form below: