Information Relating to Membership


Section I

Classes of Members

Fellows of the College shall be graduates of postgraduate training programs of training institutes acceptable to the College.

Fellows would normally be licensed to practice surgery in the countries of the Caribbean and would have been nominated and elected to Fellowship by peer review of the active Fellows of the College and by its Council.

Fellows are expected to maintain good surgical conduct and the Continuing Education requirements determined from time to time by the Council of the College.

The College shall have two classes of fellows active and honorary. The qualification for membership in the respective classes is as follows:

Fellows: shall be surgeons with surgical training acceptable to the Council of the College and are actively engaged in surgical practice. Such members shall be required to pay fees as determined under Article IX.

Applications for active fellowship must be supported by objective as well as professional and personal information:

  1. A list of surgical procedures performed by the applicant during the previous 12 months and certified by a member of the College.
  2. Two referees selected by the applicant.
  3. Council may elect for the provision of additional information by the applicant, including other referees selected by the College.

Honorary Fellows:may be elected from among retired surgeons who have practiced in the Caribbean and are of high repute among the members of the College.

The Council may also elect as Honorary Fellows individuals who have:

  • An international reputation in the field of surgery or medicine, or
  • Rendered distinguished humanitarian service, especially in the field of Medicine.

Honorary Fellows shall not be required to pay fees or dues but shall enjoy all of the privileges of the Fellow except that they shall not have the right to vote or to hold office.

Associate Members of the College:may be elected from surgeons engaged in recognized training programs in the Caribbean and health professionals who belong to other medical specialities.

  • Medical doctors with no formal surgical training recognized by council but who are accepted by their peers as being actively engaged in acceptable surgical practice may be eligible for associate membership.
  • Associate members shall be required to pay fees at a rate determined by council in Article IX and shall enjoy all the rights and privileges of fellowship, but will not have the right to vote.

Associate MembershipOrganizations, Societies and Associations with similar objectives to the College may be admitted to associate membership on such terms as negotiated with the College from time to time.